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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Morning run, Boston

We woke up early, my wife and I and my father-in-law. The jet-lag helped. We decided to go for a run. This is America, Boston, Back Bay, a great place to run. Paths and gardens and exercise frames and pristine, challenging jungle Jims all along the Charles river. On the other bank is Cambride, a row of MIT buildings. The water is dark brown and still. A ripple from a fish here and there. Ducks flying low, rowing teams in their two- and four-man boats cutting through the water quietly. Lots of people here run. All ages. Some clearly university students and some old and hunched and with grey hair. Those ones run softly and have muscular, sinewy legs. Most people wear fancy, hi-tech fabrics, specialty running clothes. People. My wife commented that it's not only the 'fit' and 'in-shape' people who run. All shapes and sizes, which is nice. Everyone's serious, though. Noone looked like they were there trying to lose weight, nothing medicinal. People looked like they were running because that's what they do to stay healthy. Some people wore regular, thick-soled running shoes and other wore the new minimalist ones and one guy was even running bare-foot. It was interesting seeing the different running styles. Some people were running heel-toe and other landing more evenly on the middle of their feet but one guy, with minimalist shoes, was actually just running on his tip toes, his heel not even touching the ground.