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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gayyash Abducted in India

I've been in Udaipur, India for nearly two months now, interning (for lack of a better word) at Shikshantar. Throughout my life I've been mistaken for an Indian many many times and have always felt a strange intuitive sort of familiarity with many things Indian. It's probably for this reason that I haven't been blown away or super-stimulated as many visitors are here. Instead my stay has been very serene, it's like I've found a second home with all the perks of my own and far fewer annoyances. I'm alone here, noone calls me, my circle of friends is small, I get to read a lot and talk about things that really matter to me. Udaipur is a beautiful, pleasant, easygoing city. The food is wonderful, especially the sweets. I haven't seen anyone get angry (in public) yet and I've been marvelling at how different that is to Cairo. It's because I'm not from here, though, that my daily interactions are far less colorful than they are back home, where the opportunities for play and creative engagement are what gave rise to this blog in the first place. That said, there have been many experiences worth writing about, some that inspired me to reflect on issues of wider social concern and others of the good old zany variety (like the grandmother of a friend who accused me of stealing her spoon after I put a plate of ba2lawa on her bedside table... she said I was narrow minded and didn't like to share; she had no teeth and carried a little dagger [Sikh tradition, I later learned]).

I've been writing long emails back to friends and am thinking it might be good to post them up here, even though I don't intend this blog to be about my life as such. In any case, this is just to check in. I miss fuul.

P.S. The title of this post is just a ploy to draw more readers through the aggregator. Ha2aw.


  • good to have you posting again man

    By Blogger oyzz, at Sun Apr 15, 12:06:00 PM GMT+2  

  • I was out tonight and some friends of yours were just saying how wowzers blazers you are.

    Please blog more and have fun in India.

    By Blogger Amnesiac, at Mon Apr 16, 09:50:00 PM GMT+2  

  • ahlan oyzz.

    hi amnesiac. flattering news indeed. my absence must have inspired some sort of tranformation in those friends of mine i imagine you met (tall k, cairo jester, etc.). they tend to speak quite poorly of me, to my face at least.

    will honestly think very very seriously about psyching myself up about posting more from here. later.

    By Anonymous gayyash, at Tue Apr 17, 08:38:00 AM GMT+2  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Abeer, at Sun Apr 22, 08:17:00 AM GMT+2  

  • The rarest thing I know is a gayyash post..it's like searching for a matching liver donor..

    By Blogger Basil Fawlty, at Wed Apr 25, 09:26:00 PM GMT+2  

  • Was that photo taken during Holi? I imagine all that color would be an amazing sight. After movies like Water, Kama sutra and the namesake india is definitely on the top of my MUST SEE list.
    Pleaseee keep the good posts coming...
    living vicariously through u,

    By Blogger Sand-E Sez, at Wed May 16, 11:51:00 PM GMT+3  

  • Gayyash, sounds pretty interesting that you always get confused for someone who is from India. Hope you have a great trip though. It seems like an amazing country to visit.

    By Anonymous Pete, at Mon Aug 17, 09:34:00 PM GMT+3  

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