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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bits and pieces

At Whole Foods I am overwhelmed with the crispness of everything, the rolling waves of luxuriant bounty. Something is wrong. A certain kind of excellence repulses. It is me, I know, maybe because I do not feel that I am party to that excellence myself, that excellence being merely the natural hitting-of-the-mark when the competent give things their all. I'm still honing in on my competence and am not quite sure I'm giving 100 per cent in the process. Anyway. There's also the issue of global economic inequality, the extent and systematicness of which are obscene and seem almost gratuitous at this point. This makes it hard to appreciate with an open heart any indulgent, however sober, expressions of affluence. Whole Foods is affluence.

After a morning of hectic errands we decided to drop by there to get lunch from their cooked-food buffet, which is great. We got average priced food in boxes and when to the cashier to weigh it and pay for it. The boxes are similar to Chinese restaurant (in the US) takeout boxes. We had three boxes and we had folded their lids and locked them shut with the little paper buckles. The young woman at the counter smiled at us and then reached across her cashier station and tore off a couple of strips of tape and stuck them across the tops of our boxes before proceeding to weigh them. I asked her why she did that and she said "to keep them closed so the food doesn't spill". I said thank you and then "but how am i going to eat the food now?" or "how am I going to open them" and the woman laugehd and said it's just tape" and I said "but it looks so strong". she stayed quiet looking at the boxes, indifenitely it seemed. and when i told her i was joking she exhaled with relief and said "i didn't know you were joking" and i realised that maybe she was right to think that maybe someone would actually make a fuss about such a thing, and in such soft terms. I had heard of such people, of such a sentiment. And it made sense that there were others aware of it's possibility, and in Whole Foods, no less.

When people are unhappy with something I did while driving or in any public situation they shake their head with indignance. Not like they're pissed off but like they're disappointed.

The man in the Apple shop whose cane dropped and I went and picked it up and he looked like he didn't need the help and II was worried my assistance seemed presumptuous but then the shop guy gave me a discount for doing something kind and "bringing good energy into the shop"

At the bike shop a friend comes in and knows Tim and asks about the business and Tim says he bought out the partner and is now in trouble and the guy sai great I like hearing about people doing worse than me, it makes me feel better about myself. He said just the other day my testicle swelled up to the size of a fucking grapefruit and I had to crawl to the emergency room. Tim asked "didn't that happen before like three times alread" The guy said :"Yeah, well life just sticks it in you then snaps it off then rapes you with the broken part.


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