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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

When History Talks in its Sleep, Say On Leadership

A recent news item from the BBC:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his controversial kissing of a boy on the stomach was just a spontaneous gesture of affection.

Mr Putin came across Nikita, five, in the Kremlin last week, lifted up his T-shirt and suddenly kissed him.

"He seemed very independent and serious... I wanted to cuddle him like a kitten and it came out in this gesture. He seemed so nice," he said.

The kiss - shown on Russian television - triggered huge public interest.

"There is nothing behind it", Mr Putin told the BBC in a live webcast on Thursday, explaining that the encounter on 28 June was quite spontaneous.

Nikita was among a group of tourists visiting the Kremlin.

The kiss triggered intense speculation in the Russian and foreign media, with questions being raised about the president's motivation.

More than 11,000 people asked Mr Putin to explain what prompted his act during the webcast organised by the BBC and Russia's Yandex website.

Russia's Izvestia newspaper, which later found Nikita, reported that he had refused to wash after the kiss.

"I just liked him [Mr Putin] and he liked me very much. I want to be president myself," the boy was quoted by the daily as saying.


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had arrived at Badr with his composite army of early converts from Mecca (Muhajirah) and later ones from Medina (Ansar). It was decided that they would enter into battle with the army of Quraysh.

"The Prophet now drew up his army, and he passed in front of each man to give them good heart and to straighten the ranks, bearing an arrow in his hands. 'Stand in line, O Sawad,' he said to one of the Helpers [Ansar] who was too far forward, and he gave him a slight prick in the belly with his arrow. 'O Messenger of God, thou hast hurt me," said Sawad, "and God hath sent thee with truth and justice, so give me my requital.' 'Take it,' said the Prophet, laying bare his own belly and handing him the arrow whereupon Sawad stooped and imprinted a kiss where it was his due to place the point of the shaft. 'What made thee do this?' said the Prophet. And he answered: 'O Messenger of God, we are now faced with what thou seest; and I desired that at my last moment with thee--if so it be--my skin should touch thy skin;' and the Prophet prayed for him and blessed him"

(from Muhhamad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings)


  • The Belly of the Indian Woman

    Sometimes non-Indians wonder about the traditional costume of the Indian woman, the short blouse she wears under her sari that exposes her middle. Why is her bare belly revealed? Lest this custom be misunderstood, I would like to point out that it is not for any sexy allure, but in honor of the fertility of her womb that bears children.

    To show reverence to femininity and motherhood through the womb (yoni) is a very ancient Indian tradition; Tantra is one highly developed form of this reverence to the yoni. The tradition is not limited to Tantra, however, but diffused throughout the culture. To this day, when an Indian man greets and embraces his mother (or an older female relative equivalent to his mother), he presses his face into her belly to pay homage to the womb where his life began.


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