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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Law Lam Akon, Lawadidt


  • Wow.. GREAT picture!

    By Blogger Mia, at Wed Mar 29, 07:33:00 PM GMT+2  

  • thanks mia :) glad that you're enjoying the blog and i hope you have a wonderful time when you come to cairo. and i AM nice to my cat.

    By Blogger Gayyash, at Thu Mar 30, 02:27:00 AM GMT+2  

  • In fact he is so nice to his cat that he used to....

    Do you still have those pics of the agouza cat? What was her name?

    By Blogger festivalcoffee, at Thu Mar 30, 05:48:00 AM GMT+2  

  • yes i still do. it was around the time hafez al asad diedd and bashar came into the picture and, seeing as we'd been calling it baby lion, sam realised that it's name should be bashar. but then i had to go back to alex for the summer and i gave it to rania who, as you know, has it to this day and refuses to call it anything other than bisbis.

    By Blogger Gayyash, at Thu Mar 30, 02:31:00 PM GMT+2  

  • Fantastic photo.

    By Blogger GC, at Sun Apr 02, 01:40:00 AM GMT+2  

  • Gayyash,

    What kind of camera do you use,(if you don't mind me asking)? Great photos.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 03, 12:05:00 AM GMT+2  

  • thanks, global cairene.

    some of my pictures are taken with (my) 3 year old sony dsc P8, some are scanned from prints of shots i took with an old Chinon SLR that i no longer use. The underwater ones are taken with a friend's Fuji digital camera (I think). The one's of the cat are taken with a Canon IXUS digital camera, but I don't know which model (number). the canon has nicer colours than the sony. you can get really nice shots if you use the macro function (and if you like closeup shots). digital cameras are great for this. i usually take huge pictures and then crop and resize.

    By Blogger Gayyash, at Mon Apr 03, 03:44:00 PM GMT+2  

  • Thanks for you answer. I didn't know digital cameras can be this good, but you're a great photographer so it's not just the camera. Keep us posted.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 03, 07:56:00 PM GMT+2  

  • Actually, it's "lawadidt", not "lawadadt", but who cares anymore...

    By Anonymous Sakakini Pacha, at Tue Apr 04, 08:00:00 PM GMT+2  

  • Thanks, SP.

    i, for one, struggle a lot with with formal arabic (and english for that matter) and so it's important to me to try and say things correctly. i imagine i might feel different if getting the basics down wasn't such an issue for me.

    By Blogger Gayyash, at Tue Apr 04, 08:06:00 PM GMT+2  

  • hey gayyash...i'm pretty new and still figuring out loads of stuff pertaining to blogging. but just had to say very interesting close up kitty pics.. hayel gedan :)

    By Blogger stillsmokin', at Wed Jun 28, 07:22:00 PM GMT+3  

  • Where are you?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jul 07, 01:25:00 AM GMT+3  

  • around, feeling kinda pallid, bahtan. bas et2alo keda shwayya. samsin's cookin.

    By Blogger Gayyash, at Fri Jul 07, 01:32:00 AM GMT+3  

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