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Gayyash Al 'Aatifa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

About Shatby Fresh

The shot was taken at Bahari, not Shatby. I don't know why I wrote Shatby. Maybe because my friends always make fun of "Shatby Etnein". Anyway, so it was Bahari. Here's some background:

If you're headed west along the corniche, towards Qait Bey, you might see this:

And if you walk over to the old wall and stand with the crowd, you might see this (check out the shoes):

They pull the loaded nets in through the wave-breakers (check out the shorts) and then sort their catch into tubs.

And if you're lucky you might even see Osta Hani the Shrimp Whisperer...

"Mish 3aref...7ases...7ases en 7ayati 7atetghayyar orayyib...enni 7a3mel 7aga 3azeema, 7aga gameela...zay makoon 3ayez aghanni aw amassil aw arsim bereesha kbeera kbeera w alwan zahya awi..."

"Ghona meen we rasmet meen ya 7maar...we lamma-bee3ak lelli wa2feen dol...eb2a wareeni 7atersem ezzay wenta marzoo3 fel taagin gatak neela f-khebtak..."


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